K.W. Innovations of Taiwan: Professional Manufacturer of neoprene Wetsuits suppliers

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Established in 1989, K.W. Innovations Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and exporter of neoprene products in Taiwan. Our neoprene applications range from surfing/ diving suits and accessories, slimming suits, protectors, multi-purpose bags, to exercise mats. In addition to neoprene commodities, we export high quality tights and medical stockings, as well as compression and thermo undergarment.


K.W. operations are fully compliant with and approved by the international ISO 9001 standards. We also own certified EU/EC declaration of conformity for our products. We make sure our collaborators achieve the same.


With an eye on the social contexts and innovations in our mind, we develop items that best suit our numerous yet individual markets. For more than two decades, K.W. continues to enhance the well-beings of our clients, and has always delivered top quality with fair price, together with even better services. In our factory, we conduct a comprehensive quality control system and has provided a safe working environment for our employees.


K.W. has a persistent drive to excellence, health and responsibility. Our performance, value and credibility have earned us trusted patronage worldwide and helped us secure business with Wal-mart, IKEA and Costco. K.W. continues to expand its services and products and we look forward to a shared prosperity with you.